As I was walking home
one fine evening
I came upon a gathering
a little child had been lost
died in infancy of starvation
denied its light, void of freedom
Fate decreed its own will.

His mother sat in a corner;
she would have to worry no more.
The Father was absent
run off after some whore.
A cloth cap was being passed around
collecting money for its funeral.
Modest, it could only be
for the collection was small.
I threw in coins; they rang
with the sound of disappointment.

The body was shrunk; feeble
someone covered it with a sheet
of light muslin
an irony was thus introduced.
Flies took the liberty
of kissing the young cheek;
cold, bony and void of life.
The child, once the mother would not
put down; she would not touch
it now. It was as a stone.

A grave was dug, small
and not very deep.
There was no service
No church bells rang; no flags
flew at half mast
There was no mention
in the evening papers
The literary men smoked
at their cafe`s. They talked
of emerging trends
in verse and prose
There was talk of politics
and religion.
The air conditioners wheezed
and whimpered.
The three legged antique stool
creaked; they could never find
time to have it fixed.
Somewhere, youth were being trained
to remain indifferent.
Music blared through the speakers
seldom distinct from noise.
Later, alcohol would be bought
and the time whiled away
Cars would be replaced
by newer cars; more expensive.
Wives by newer wives
the older ones they decay
she did refuse to put on cream
dark spots were visible
men need their three minutes.

Meanwhile, the cloth cap shook
and the coins clankered
The money was scarce
and the child could not be buried.
The mother, half dead
was too exhausted
and too drained
on her own way
to death
could care no more.
The interest of passers-by waned
and the gathering filtered
it being decided
that the child be thrown
into a nearby stream
and be considered
buried at sea.

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Dr. Arun Sharma · March 31, 2017 at 2:26 pm

Wow what a nice poem

Puru · March 31, 2017 at 10:42 pm

That’s some dark stuff bro… Too much Game of Thrones?

    Shaji · April 2, 2017 at 12:32 am

    Hi man…. how’ve you been 🙂 Actually just been over thinking too much lately… but it’s always been the case with me 🙂

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