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new world
No Destination

This is Shaji's third studio album, which is currently under production. The songs are a blend of classic Rock, alternative and 90's British Pop, along with some surprisingly hopeful and forward looking lyrics. Shaji's guitar riffs become more pronounced, and the melody becomes more enchanting. However, Art remains its own reward, and, as always, the artist remains a wanderer, with no home, and no destination.

Naukri (Humein bhi mil jaaye)
Vote for India
Jannat ke Raaste

Naukri (unplugged)
Baarish (unplugged)
Savera (unplugged)
Wonderwall (unplugged)
Wonderwall (cover)


Give Time It's Time  (2011)
Released in 2011, this is the second album by Shaji. Going back to his roots in Rock and Roll, especially the genre` made popular by Oasis, Shaji headed back to the recording studio with a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other. With poetic lyrics, snazzy guitar riffs and a combination of melody with harmony and texture, Shaji gives you the opportunity to Give Time It's Time. Listen / Dowload now

In Retrospect

The Human Thought Process
The Spirit of Brit Pop
Yahan se door
Until Then

Abstractions Inconclusive

Abstractions Inconclusive  (2010)
Shaji is one of Jammu city's elite group of recording artists. Abstractions Inconclusive is Shaji's first studio album, released in 2010. Throughout the soundtrack, there is an implicitly visible blend of contemporary and eclectic Rock and Roll, Britpop / Alternative Rock. According to Shaji himself, the overall sound is "mellow enough", it is certainly a striking conception of melody and rhythm being woven into strains of melancholy and despair. Listen / Download now

Hum hain param
Tum na mile
Ram Dhun

Saade pind de munde
Me and my Gang
Crossing Over
The Parting


ACE Riff (2011)
ACE Riff is an Indian artist duo comprising of Shaji Khan and Rohan Saldanha. The pair aim at producing tracks that will appeal to multifarious audiences. Their first track is "Stay Away From The Naughty Boyz". Their Single was released in July 2011.The video of "Stay Away From The Naughty Boyz" is dedicated to 'Jammu', the city, where the band had its genesis. The song is sampled from "Mundian Tu Bach Ke" by Punjabi MC. Listen to songs recorded by Shaji as part of this group

Stay away from the naughty boys
Sound of Freedom
Ummeed ka diya
The Sound of Freedom unplugged version
Mundiyan Metal Head Edition


Solitude Saints (2008 - 2010)
Solitude Saints were a Britpop / Rock and Roll band from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, formed by Shaji ( Guitar, vocals, lyrics and audio production ), Pranav ( Guitar, lyrics and vocals ) and Rohan Saldanha as band manager.The band was especially noted for it's unique clean sound and experimental studio recordings. The band was working on it's first studio album when creative differences and personal rivalry led to the break-up of the band in middle 2010. Listen to songs recorded by Shaji as part of this group

Tere Bin (Shaji only)
We Three
Jannat ke Raaste
Kaun Apna Yahan
Kya Jadoo Kiya
Tum ho Zindagi
Naya gaana

Kya Jadoo Kiya Superlove Mix
Kya Jadoo Kiya Dance Mix
Tere Bin Earth Mix
Hey Hey My My
Morning Glory
Live Forever
Tere Bin


Studio Ariane
Shaji's place of work. No funny business (until the business itself is funny, so that it becomes funny business).

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